Thursday, January 10, 2019

Saying Goodnight, Not Goodbye

2018 was an impossible year. Most of it was too tangled up and private to share, at least in the real-time, raw-as-blood way I usually write. A great deal has shifted but much is, in practicality, exactly the same.

Aside from my family and household evolving, my inner life has quietly nudged just a tiny bit. My seesaw wildness is still a part of me but my impulses have more sensitive brakes I think.

I'm hesitant to log on and blast my ideas here until I've really examined them. I'm still mulling over the direction I want to steer this site, but the white space & silence were feeling oppressive.

Talk soon, yeah?

a poem:


Not goodbye,
but a stirring goodnight
like the lovely ache
of scissors’ dry rasp
through our daughter’s ponytail

Like my breasts
drying of milk

It’s the cool goodnight
of bringing in the dog

Sending the windows to bed

Windows with golden storylights
Reading and movies
in separate rooms

No lovers share
No baby
to care for

Even the dog
has been in the floor
this year of change

I whisper goodnight with
a mother’s kiss
to it all

Like her favorite book,
I put the moon to bed.

Goodnight golden windows
with respective stories,

and the dog in the floor
not best pleased

Goodnight to the twin ash trees
in the yard we still share

To the stars twinkling
above the street

With the lamp that glares
through her no-longer-nursery

fruitful breasts,
holding hands,
small scabbed knees

To a well worn marriage,
folded and dog-eared
and placed
in a keepsake box

with our photograph memories
of shared evenings
with the
ponytailed girl.

for shane, wonderful partner parent & fantastic roommate
january 2019

Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Solstice Groove for December Creativity

I had such a fantastic time getting in touch with my dark witchy roots during Inktober this year and I wanted October to last all year.

{This is not new. I want Halloween to replace every major holiday. Also full moons. And Saturdays.}

So I looked for monthly challenges during December and found #drawcember and #decembart have both been created and I put my own spin on some prompts. I wanted to make a natural, slightly pagan focus so I can keep the perspective more Solstice and Yule centered because I HATE CHRISTMAS, Y'ALL. I really really hate it. I am famous for my teeth clamping down the first time I hear holiday music and only really un-clenching with the second glass of New Year's Eve champagne.

But nevermind all that. Here are my prompts! Play along with us if you'd like.

  1. Star
  2. Crystal
  3. Wild
  4. Dark
  5. Animal
  6. Mistletoe
  7. Fire
  8. Bell
  9. Sun
  10. Wine
  11. Myth
  12. Twelve
  13. Holly
  14. Bird
  15. Key
  16. Earth
  17. Sacred
  18. Altar
  19. Bone
  20. Eve
  21. Magic
  22. Moon
  23. Home
  24. Ivy
  25. Tree
  26. Wreath
  27. Sky
  28. Spice
  29. Hunt
  30. Rich
  31. Shine

If you're going off-script that's totally okay. A friend of mine may create rune cards and I'm so stoked for this I'm transcending my meat suit and floating in the stars where she and I hang out sometimes.

I'm drawing (&/or painting/collaging) everyday but I'm probably going to write something for some of the prompts, too. A c ouple of writer friends are going to join in, too.

If you join in, post your prompt whereever and tag #solsticegroove. Search the tag and see what everyone is sharing and give the group some comment love! I'll be checking out the tag everywhere and posting art on Instagram/Facebook and Twitter and my writing here.


Friday, October 5, 2018

Spirit Board

Day 5 of Church Goin' Mule's "Slightly southern, a little bit gothic Inktober" prompts is spirit. I made a free, prinrtable spirit boad. I love the idea of DIY ones. A trademarked one always seemed pretty cheesy to me. 

Well, not always. We wore mine out in junior high and high school. 

Just click to enlarge and right click to save. Use a coin as a planchette and talk to your subconscious, or the spirits, as your beliefs dictate.

Follow my #inktober drawings on instagram. (I'm @mystrangebones everywhere.)