Friday, October 5, 2018

Spirit Board

Day 5 of Church Goin' Mule's "Slightly southern, a little bit gothic Inktober" prompts is spirit. I made a free, prinrtable spirit boad. I love the idea of DIY ones. A trademarked one always seemed pretty cheesy to me. 

Well, not always. We wore mine out in junior high and high school. 

Just click to enlarge and right click to save. Use a coin as a planchette and talk to your subconscious, or the spirits, as your beliefs dictate.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Good Summer

It’s a good summer for shelter
if you have one

Stay indoors under the damaged roof
with its sodden shingles
if you have one

Make a wry comment about unending rain
your undamaged fair skin
if you have one

Sleep well with the sound of showers
on pillowed mattress
if you have one

If you

Walk down Capitol Street
you juggle a latte and umbrella

you have one

The benches are gone
The rain washed
the city clean
You’re back
from vacation
to your job

You have one

It’s a good summer.

© Heidi Richardson Evans

Saturday, August 18, 2018


I step out
of shed scales.
Discard serpent skins & venomous memories
all neatly swept into a dustbin and
walk away, head high & shining.

© Heidi Richardson Evans 2018

I'm digging deep lately, and through tough bedrock. I'm extremely pleased to have found a therapist who's actually making me question entrenched beliefs and very old thought patterns, whole systems of thinking and percieving that I've never taken a critical eye to before.

I'm bleeding poems, and among them are my best ever. I'm actually planning to submit a few to journals.

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