Saturday, July 22, 2006

birthdays, moons, mUUsing

Due to our constant state of poverty and my emerging photoshop prowess, it falls on me to create custom greeting cards for all family occasions. Today is Shane's Dad's 56th, and I came up with this image for him:

Inside text says "happy birthday from the three of us." There was, as per family tradition, ice cream cake. We had a house chock full of girl- Molly, her cousin Maddy (8 months) and her uncle's girfriend's baby Kaitlin (15 months.)

Monday will be Molly's lunar 2 month birthday. To me, a month is 28 days. Call me crazy. Will I still be counting that way when she turns a year old? Will there be a Calendar Birthday and a My-Mom's-a-Hippy-Dippy-Moon-Worshipper Birthday? I used to think it was confusing and ridiculous the way we count babies' ages in months- like saying 18 months rather than a year and a half, but having one so new I count in weeks gives me some perspective on the new mommy mode of timekeeping.

And speaking of things lunar, this is the first actual Me, Molly, & the Moon post. The earlier entries are pasted in from Green New Mama. I had second thoughts after impulsively starting the blog earlier this week, and as I have no readers yet, I decided to start anew with That'll give me the option to change the title later (I think) when Molly's old enough that it's creepy and pathetic to name my blog after my child.

Three moons is a nod to the triple Goddess, although you'll find precious little Wicca in this blog. No longer devout at all, I still hold an affinity for the symbol of the waxing, full, and waning moon. Also, it is tattooed on my ass.

I used to be a serious witch, and was studying priestessly ways, but group dynamics were increasingly weird. There are some flaky fucking Wiccans around here, and my ties were severed with my group. I am a member of the Unitarian Universalist congregation, but haven't attended in a couple of years. I would love to get back in the habit of going, and want to raise Molly as a UU. I missed out on the community aspect of church-going as a child, and the UU principles are wonderful teachings for a youngling.

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