Tuesday, August 8, 2006

birds & random bits

A few random notes from Life of Heidi:

A Molly Milestone: first ripping out of Mama’s nose ring: 8/7/06. And later that day, Molly’s first throw-up on my beloved couch.

There are tire shreds all over a parking lot near the house that keep reminding me of Kiki Smith’s Jersey Crows. I adore her work, obsessively, worshipfully. I got to handle some of these little bronze birds once. A dear lady who owns the largest collection of women’s art in the state is friends with many of my former professors, and she welcomed my Women Artists class into her home. She was amused when I reacted like a goofy fangirl when I got to hold Kiki’s birds. I swooned. She has a beautiful Leslie Dill piece too.

I miss my art, but not enough to manage my time better in order to fucking make some. It’s bad, wasting talent and energies and insights…and I keep dreaming of the studios at school and of my professors.

I made a great banana bread, redeeming myself after my last baking debacle. I am going to get a handle on this cooking thing if I kill myself trying. I can’t believe I didn’t try to learn more from my mom. It’s a travesty for the offspring of such a great cook to be at a total loss in the kitchen. I want Molly to be raised on home-cooked, healthy meals. Her Dad & I are the King and Queen of eating crap despite our best intentions. This must change before Molly’s old enough to eat table food.

Mollybird is well-nicknamed. We’ve discovered a new trick. If she’s fussy, and we put her in her car seat and cover it with a blanky, she’ll go to sleep like my little parakeets Sailor & Lula used to. It completely cracks me up that this works.

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