Sunday, August 6, 2006

a houseful

We just cleaned up after a great cookout with friends. We had Shane's brother, his new girlfriend (whom I'm really starting to like) and her 15 month old girl Katie, and a couple we're close to with their nearly-nine-month old Elyse. We got to watch Elyse's very first independent steps right here in our living room! I was in mommy bliss, frying up a bunch of decadent greasy zucchini fritters while the bigger girls played together and I listened for my little sleeping tiny one to wake up. I adore having a houseful of kids, but I also treasure the special attention and bond we have with our one & only.

Shane & I are blessed with our families, and especially our extended "family of choice"- our friends who are like our kin. It was so much fun, the happy chaos of kids and moms and dads eating, talking, and laughing.

Marianne at Busha Full of Grace wrote a post about her day with her 3-year-old grandson and his 4-year-old friend that's just lovely. She expressed a great enthusiasm for my generation's parenting that made me feel wonderful- I think our parents think I'm a new age hippy flake sometimes. They're actually very supportive, though... they tell us stories of how things were so different when we were babes, but they respect our approach pretty much. I am going to have to kick Papaw's ass if he doesn't stop parking Molly's bouncy seat 2 feet from the television, though.

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