Wednesday, August 2, 2006


This is what went through my head, bleary eyed and still dripping with dreams first thing this morning. The newness of that little body, all warm and snuggly, and the perfect delicate paleness of that round face just overwhelmed me. She's a round ball of potential, a virgin to everything. Experiencing that purity and infancy is a rare gift- so fleeting. She changes every day. That I get to be a caretaker of this life as she unfolds is a treasure.

now your skin is shining
like mother-of-pearl
you are fed only
pure white milk
you are a tiny daughter
of the moon-
someday you'll run
& dance in the sun
but now you are like
precious & ephemeral
you grew slow
in my round watery belly
as i counted ten full moons
and waited for you
my little shining maiden

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