Friday, August 4, 2006

mom identity

A couple of different bloggers have mentioned the conundrum of how to keep one's own identity as separate from the identity of "baby-name-here's Mommy." I am having no problem with this- but what if that means I'm having an opposite problem? I am so un-freakin'-believable proud to be Molly's Mama that I want to go have t-shirts printed with her face, and buy a billboard proclaiming, "I created this Beautiful Creature- in my womb even!" I'm probably an awful bore to talk to... So am I letting Molly define me too much or is this just a phenomenon of having a brand new first baby?

In other news, my inner sex kitten woke up, yawned & stretched & then made my husband and me very, very happy. This was a sudden and surprising development, and we have both been in a giddy mood all day. My libido plummetted during pregnancy and only now seems to be heading for recovery. It's a pain in the ass to start worrying about contraceptives again. We're waiting a while to be sensible, but are planning on Shane having a vasectomy. I'm not sure how long we should wait to make sure we aren't going to change our minds, but I'm impatient to have the luxury of worry-free sex. As of now, I'm 99% sure I want only one child, and Shane's 150% sure. Actually, I'm 100% positive as of this entry, but I hear too many women tell me I'll change my tune when Molly's a toddler. So I acknowledge there's a chance I might want another, but I just don't think so. We've both always seen ourselves with just a Molly. We've always known she'd be our Molly, so when we got pregnant we just discussed middle names. (Of course we were also prepared for Molly to be Will.)

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