Monday, September 11, 2006


I thought the thing that touched me the most about motherhood was her simple but powerful biological need for me. It's so tender and sweet that this tiny creature sometimes needs nothing in the world but for me to hold her, and she needs it so fiercely it makes her cry.

Last night I realized how much I need her too now. She went to sleep after fussing for a while, but only slept a little while before she was hungry again. after I got her settled again in her crib, I went back to bed with Shane, with the baby monitor's gentle humming sound to lull me back to sleep. Only I couldn't stay asleep. I tossed and turned and fidgeted around, then finally got up about 5:00 and realized on Molly's normal schedule I'd have gotten her up and put her in bed with me in the nursery. But last night, she was sleeping so good by herself that I left her alone. I realized how much comfort she gives me in the night, and how accustomed I am to feeling her small warmth next to me. I told myself to go back to sleep, that she was fine and not to disturb her, but I couldn't stand it. I went to her room, and she had just started to stir, but hadn't made a sound yet. She arched her little back toward me and I scooped her snuggly little self and cuddled up in bed with her.

I decided it was OK for me to need her too. It's amazing the strength of this connection. I am so in love with the fact that I wake right before she does, that our sleep cycles synch up. And part of it's chemical- I think I'm finally feeling the oxytocin buzz of nursing that I'd read about. It's the most relaxing thing in the world. We both melt, and it's sublime.

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