Friday, February 9, 2007

cave womyn

I've been deep in hibernation this week- nursing myself through a nasty cold with hot toddies, Sudafed (accompanied by an arsenal of oatmeal and brewer's yeast and vast lakes of water to preserve my milk supply,) and soup. The weather has only added to my insulated feeling. We had a pretty serious snow- maybe five inches, which is great for our area in these days of global warming. Molly caught a bit of the cold, but seems much more comfortable than I was at the worst.

Tomorrow I'm planning to emerge from my coccoon to tend to grocery shopping and a serious housecleaning. This house is driving me insane. Chaos has taken up permanent residence and I must drive Her out.

Bu is joining me in a renaissance mood lately. We are reinventing our attitudes and healing the fragmented craziness of our lives. We cemented our commitment to change by buying a copy of The Secret DVD. I feel a little flaky jumping on board the self-help machine after getting giddy seeing these guys on Oprah, but that's totally what happened. I'm more excited that Bu and I got hyped about the same idea that I about the actual idea I think. It just seems like a good dose of positivity and a good reminder of how important thinking purposefully is. I really think one's focus creates one's reality (if that's not a direct Jedi quote it's close, lol) but I don't live that way, and I need to. We need to. So, I'll post after viewing the DVD to see if I'm as excited as I imagine I'll be. There's probably a whole post in me somewhere about my desire for self improvement. Hence the "evolution..." tagline.

Map of my brain: hibernate --> cave--> womb --> da Vinci drawing --> my old digital sketch from when I was insane thinking I was pregnant and knowing I was but being terrified I wasn't for some unknown reason only explainable by the fact that I was indeed pregnant and my whole body was flooded with strange new hormones. I forgot until I found the file that I called it "My Own Red Place."

During the Great Hibernation of 2007, I read Life of Pi. It was fantastic. Molly was unphased by the passages I read to her, but then she's really more focused on learning to finger-feed herself, the strange technique of crawling she invented (on hands and one foot, dragging the other leg,) and practicing standing alone then thudding on her booty.

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