Friday, February 23, 2007

mother of the freakin' year

And you thought Britney was the most pathetic redneck mother in the country...

Well, in my defense, my human baby is accounted for and it's been 7 years since I shaved my head under the influence of a fifth of Jack Daniels.

But still: Animal control just dropped off my dogs and issued me four citations, two for each errant dog. They were "unconfined/no leash" and I couldn't show him licenses. I don't know if we have licenses or not, but I'm thinking we don't. The supreme irony is that I was telling Bu we should start walking them out with leashes to poo so we can confine the lumps to one area that Molly can avoid when she's big enough to play outside. He thought I was insane and silly. No one in our holler* does that- the big dogs run the neighborhood pretty much.

So now we have to go to court (at least $65) and show our licenses (who knows how much that costs) and proof of rabies shots (have they gotten those lately? Gods I suck. I have no fucking idea.)

The officer also informed me they had skin problems and I told him they'd just been to the vet and were being treated- they both have nasty allergies. So now I'm dreading telling Bu, because we already are in the hole for this month, and also I feel like the skankiest shittiest most careless trashy dog-mommy in the world.

And Baby Einstein's over so I have to go read to the baby for 8 hours to alleviate my TV guilt.

*that's WV for "hollow," here meaning the cheap real estate in the valley between the hills where the nicer houses are located. I'm feeling acutely socio-economically bitter today since we don't know where our mortgage payment will come from. My apologies for the downer after my Rainbow Goddamn Brite post yesterday:)

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