Friday, February 2, 2007

new layout... so exhausted!

My adventures in designing have worn me out today. I have plenty of client work to do, including the exciting layout for the urban wear website. (Let me just say how ecstatic I am to be working with a hip awesome client, because the last website and logo I did was for someone with very, very different taste than mine.) But, I haven't taken time to play with my precious, beloved blog in so long, so I messed around with PsychoKinesis template generator (because I barely know html, much less CSS or whatever the fuck widgets are) and finally came up with brilliance incarnate. Then it wouldn't work, so another hour later I realized I have to revert to the old blogger template and that seems to have worked.

There are issues that need ironing out, like my having to manually put in my labels links, but I seriously need to get to work Four more hours of Mollylessness (OK, so that's not my best invented word ever...) and oh Goddess I haven't pumped since she nursed at noon. Gonna 'splode.

A note: The Boue can crawl, and she is eight months. I'll do a moonday graphic later, and since this is MY universe I'm making the executive decision to change to normal Gregorian dates rather than lunar, regardless of my lunar dating rocks rant from a while back. So moondays will not always be Mondays, and I'm already late anyway.

And now I pump, and rest, and then jump headfirst back into Fireworks, the best program in the world.

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