Monday, March 5, 2007

101st post. who knew?

Sitting at my computer and an IM pops up from the Bu. He has updated his sorely neglected photoblog: This is a goatee of applesauce & black beans. And a very amused baby girl. Look at those eyes! They are lightening and I firmly believe they'll be the exact shade of hazel/blue/gray as mine. They freakin' better be. She's a perfect clone of her Daddy except for my eyebrows and forehead. I carry her for ten moons, endure an induced labor in hospital bed with no epi and she gives me eyebrows? Come on... That said, my eyebrows do rather define my face. They are so scary-pointy Jack Nicholson's would cry with envy. If I can ever get a photo of her pointing up one raised brow, I'll post it so you can see she's got it.

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