Tuesday, March 6, 2007

9:41 a.m.

I'm weak. Bu & Boue were so snuggly... I dragged myself very reluctantly out of bed at 7:05. I pulled on pajama bottoms and a flannel shirt. I looked at my baby and husband, the pillows and the soft sheets, then I set the alarm for 8:40 and crawled back into bed. I thought, my blog will understand.

So weak. But look:It was totally worth having to blog that I broke my solemn vow:) The good news? 4 1/2 hours of crib time. Hell yeh. I'm so late for work. Blessed place that it is, I can do that once in a while.

This picture is so beautiful. My Bu rocks. I want to learn to work our cameras. You just can't get perfect golden light and shallow soft depth of field with the crappy automatic mode. I ruined what would have been some gorgeous shots of crawling, clapping, and hanging out with my Grandma. OK: tea, bagel, work. Off I go, drowsy and happy and thrilled to have spent an hour in bed lazily snuggling.

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