Monday, March 26, 2007

be, bolly, ad the bood

*Edit: This post title references Me, Molly, and the Moon, my old blog.

I'b so codgested. By dose is rudding ad stobbed up ad the sabe tibe.

Help cheer me up: I'm getting a subscription to Urge, yay, and I need music recs. My current playlist is called Rasputori, combining the red headed goddess and Rasputina. I'm also digging Violent Femmes, Modest Mouse, System of a Down, NIN, KT Tunstall, Fall Out Boy, um.... Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers.

Based on this hodgepodge of favorites, who else do I need to hear? I'm in danger of permanently being of the not hip, (sporting a pureed vegetable splattered 'do rag for three days now... Did I mention- so sick?) so help keep me au courant, s'il vous plait. Much obliged. Yes, my specialty is combining the almost-Southern drawl of WV with a passable French accent;)

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