Sunday, March 25, 2007

i'm not procrastinating; it's a warm-up exercise!

Ah, the mythical Mollytooth. A sometimes dangerous entity, it is coy at the best of times- but in the presence of a camera it is particularly elusive. This adventurous camerawoman had been immersed in the creature's habitat for a month and had yet to capture the subject of her study. This fortuitous spring morning, at last, the tiny beastie revealed itself when its host creature gave a wide goofy smile and allowed the pearly little Mollytooth to be seen.

The blogoshpere will rejoice in this groundbreaking feat of geurilla mommyblogging journalism, for surely you have nothing better to do than indulge my incessant babycentric babble. The legend of the Mollytooth has certainly vexed you all these long weeks since its first discovery, and yea, there were many doubters. But here finally is proof irrefutable of the creature's existence. The rest of the clan remain camera-shy, but this blogger is ever-patient. Her ingenius plan to imbed herself into the ecosystem of the Mollyteeth is working so far. The sharp little beasties have stopped their nipple biting aggression.


And now back to my regularly scheduled program of designing for actual money, and coughing, and sneezing. Oh glorious spring, why dost thou bring the pollen with thee?
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