Monday, March 5, 2007

little miss binary oppositional thinking

In more weird blogosphere synchronicity, just as I was going to post about my inability to make changes because of way overthinking the changes, or something like that, Crissy writes about her art sales plans essentially creating artist's block. Also, my imaginary post tied in to The Secret, and then I read this at Blogging Baby.

So my problem is my mind/body do this trick that's like that thing in dreams or cartoons where you run so fast your feet lift up off the ground and you don't go anywhere. I have huge ideas. So huge I want to use a gigantic font to illustrate so here: they are

this big.

They are so big in fact, that they don't go anywhere or do anything. I'm stuck in a crazy extremes-mindset. Instead of say, realizing dairy products are bad for my skin/weight/asthma and cutting back, I think "Dairy products are the devil's own tool to exploit sweet-eyed cows and keep my mucked up with fatty bad chi, so I need to become a hardcore vegan overnight and never ever ever eat cheese again." Of course, it's much easier to fail at that goal, isn't it? I'm the same way in every area of life: big, bold idea for drastic change. No follow through. All or nothing, and surprise: it's always nothing. And as much as the Law of Attraction and visualization works (wow are they working. We have so much web design business it's intimidating me as far as doing it in between momstuff and dayjob,) to create real change I have to get some concrete problems fixed.

So, my new plan is to actually make a few small, implementable changes, one at a time. Quiet, easy changes. So, in this vein, tomorrow morning my new wake-up time is 7 am. If the baby wants to get up with me, so much the better. Your midnight bedtime, Mollymylove, is really, really annoying. In order to try to reinforce this plan, I'm committing to you (yes you, ya sweet pea of a blog reader) that i'm gonna post at 7:15 a.m. at the latest, while I have my tea. My post may be unintelligible, or not. We'll see. Maybe I'll have a cool dream, or Molly will surprise us all and spend 8 hours in the crib.

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