Saturday, March 31, 2007

more elephant girl etiquette

I waxed rantsome in my comments, and don't have a nifty "Recent Conversations" widget on le blog, so I'm just reposting it:

Bine wrote:
waaaah! i just wrote a long comment, clicked preview, it looked fine, and when i clicked publish, it just disappeared! sigh ... okay, once more:sounds like you should apologize to your boobies for the scolding you gave them earlier this week.but glad to hear it’s “only” teething, though this can be a bother, too, i think it’s better than a bad cold in such a little one. most of my friends’ babies teethed quite easily and developed only a slight fever while their molars broke through. i hope you won’t go through this for every single tooth molly gets.

and glad to hear you got some “away time”, too, i can’t imagine anyone not needing that from time to time.ehm ...

and now to the awkwardness ... i hope this question doesn’t annoy you, but do you have to shake with your left hand if someone offers you their right? i only know the one picture of you you entered for thordoras olympics, but i think it looks like you could shake with your right, too. i, personally, would have gone for the hug, because i like to hug and you look like a pretty “huggable” person*, but people who are reluctant to embrace might want to make a point of not being “afraid” to touch it (i know some people are, oddly enough, like a bodily infirmity is contagious, or something).don’t you want people to touch baby elephant? or do you assume they don’t want to? or is it just more awkward and uncomfortable for you?i’m really curious about it, i hope you don’t mind.*i’m one of those, too. i prefer a hug to a handshake with people i like, but there also seems to be something about me that makes people want to hug me. a friend of mine who experiences the same, suffered a lot during breastfeeding, because every time someone gave her a hug, her breasts leaked ...bine

I wrote:
Oh, Bine, I HATE when that happens with a comment. Let me know if it happens again, and I’ll put the smackdown on HaloScan. Dirty bastadz.I meant to add that option in my Handshake 101 tirade. Once or twice maybe someone has reached and grabbed that arm to shake it, and just, ew. First of all, I never offer it, so they are like right up IN my aura grabbing a body part, so fuck no that’s not cool. Secondly, due to people’s general awkwardness or my own or whatever, people usually don’t touch that arm. Because of that, when it is touched it feels really intimate and I’m hyper aware of it. Bu and my one other longterm boyfriend are really the only lovers who would casually touch it, and often little kids will. My employer’s little girl is obsessed- it’s so amazingly tender and sweet. She’ll sit with me and stroke it lovingly. She also likes to floor me with cuteness by doing things like walking in when I’m using my little arm to work a paper cutter and saying “Heidi! I like your arm!”Kids are funny. Once in a while they’re scared- which I totally get. What little one hasn’t been unsettled by a stroke victim’s pulled features or the painful look of an amputee? ...Totally normal the fear of the new. Most of them are fine after we speak, and they’re assured it doesn’t hurt. Lots of kids think it’s really groovy. There was a younger neighbor kidlet who said it looked like a hot dog, and he called me hot dog. My nephew, of babywearing fame, thought it was so wicked. I can twist the two fingers together and it looks awesomely freaky, so that was his favorite So I went off here, huh? I’ll post it in the main blog I think.

PS. That's hilarious about your friend's boob-leakage. Sucky but really funny.

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