Saturday, March 31, 2007

the pretty

Busha Full of Grace posted 12 things she finds aesthetically pleasing. I loved this idea, so I decided to post my twelve 16. Then, being me, I decided to make a grid of images. Then, being me, and having the other computer crash, [the one with the program I need to work-work] I decided to get artsy with my grid.
Because what do graphic designers do in their spare time to get work out of their headspace? They do graphic design. Of course. So...
  1. Daisies
  2. Sushi: yummy and lovely.
  3. Crazy Quilts. Comfy, but no annoying country cutesy patterning.
  4. Bangs
  5. Girls with glasses
  6. Pregnant bellies
  7. Graffiti
  8. Ivy on a stone wall, brick house, or tree
  9. Bare feet. Extra much if ringed toes are involved.*
  10. Good typography
  11. The combination of orange and turquoise
  12. Nakey babies
  13. Bindis
  14. River stones
  15. Red wine. Bonus points for gothy elegant goblet.
  16. Forsythia
This blog is starting to serve as a digital visual journal. It's a good outlet because a) there are no paints, toxic markers, or gluesticks to clean up if Molly would summon me, and b) I can't even find the better part of my art supplies under the boxes of clothes the Bird has grown out of/not yet grown into.

I love you, Stock Exchange.

*My wedding ring fit again about 6 weeks after M's birth. My toe ring, however, still won't go back on. The spiteful, evil thing. Plus, I had to give up the ghost and toss half of my shoes after about 7 months when I realized these boats feet are never going to be the same.

Oh, and Hi, Crazy Hip Mamas Carnival visitors. Step right up! See the amazing attractions. Get motion sick from the mood swings.

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