Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Mom would have been 54 yesterday. I'm 31 today.

Here's a photo of us on this day in 1999. I love this one, because it's the way she looked most recently in my mind, and I remember that day so well. We were tipsy and a little stoned, at the forest, and I had just finished flying a kite very clumsily in a clearing. Amazing.

Sunday night I was very melancholy, but less upset than the last few years. I told Bu I felt weird because feeling less sad makes me sad in a new way. Almost guilt?

Last night, of course, I just watched the news like most of us and felt dazed and hurt.

Today was beautiful. Sunny golden weather and great food and loving wonderful family. A very sweet surprise from a coworker, and chai tea and the funniest card from by supervisor:

Dudes, my legs are so hairy it's legendary. Heh.

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