Friday, April 6, 2007

don't mind me, just perfecting the art of cranky

I've seen allusions to The Feminine Mistake and other equally divisive bullshit everywhere recently. This was in my inbox this evening from the NOW mailing this. It pretty much slams the media for covering a tiny percentage of women in managerial positions and ignoring the unfavorable conditions that seriously limit some families' options.

Thought I'd share.

Meanwhile, since I can't seem to post a boobie-free entry lately, let me just say:

1. Dr. Phil, you are an ignorant fuck. Again. Or still. Just shut the hell up.

2. My nipple still hurts but is functional again. Molly doesn't seem to care that I wince and stop breathing until she's latched on securely. Oddly, accidental grazing is worse than pumping or nursing.
/end pityparty

3. Target, I love you as much as I hate Dr. Phil. A Liz Lang nursing bra on clearance for $2.14!? In my size? Sweeeeeeeeet. In black? Orgasm.

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