Monday, April 30, 2007

more "moon," less "me, molly"

Blessed Beltane Eve, y'all:)So I had a crappy morning and early afternoon (Sciatica is the Devil) but a muchly awesome evening, as evidenced by the following conversational snippet.

Bu: CA (brother-in-law) is coming over with a couple of friends and they were thinking of building a fire up on the hill.
H: Cool. Oh wait, very cool: it's Beltane Eve! We must have fire!
Bu: It's huh?
H: "Bell-Tane," I mean "BALL-tin-uh." May Day, eve of May Day. You cowan.

Bu: Muggle.
H: *Gasp* Don't call me that!So, we made fire, and I burned an offering of dried roses from after the Birdie was born, and burned a prayer I wrote out, which I scanned for these little collages. Bu took the photos, because he rocks. I loved the shape of the flame in this one: yoni like.

And now, like any good pagan, I'm off to watch Buffy DVD's.

*Edit: Post title references former blog Me, Molly, and the Moon.

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