Saturday, April 7, 2007

oh no! bill, jack, & bunnies (the horror...)

Laughing so I won't cry. Mommy guilt stupidity of the day: worrying about taking the time to shower between design projects because any time spent on me when the grandies have the Bird is wasting precious work time.

So why am I playing in the giant playground that is the blogosphere? Because if I'm sitting at the computer, it's work. That's why!

I'm going to go fetch my baby now:) Happy Easter if you celebrate. Happy Sunday if you don't. And if you, like me, have residual PTSD from Bunny Incidents* in your childhood, help me with the huge fucking bottle of Jack Daniels (my second favorite Jack, if you're curious) on top of my fridge. Apparently we're babysitting JD because my brother in law lives with the grandies, who are Mormon teetotalers. Not even coffee. My religion damn near worships the bean; theirs bans it. So interesting.

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*I'm really mostly recovered. There was baby terror from an inflatable bunny, and also an unspeakably terrifying book I'm wicked allergic to real fluffers, so I'm not a fan at all. This notwithstanding, I hate disregard for their little allergenic creepy lives, so I link you here.

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