Friday, April 27, 2007

update, for those concerned about my uterus

K @ Diary of a Mad New Mother (of a freakin' adoable boychild,) after reading my recent rants from crazyville, wondered if I might be pregnant again.

In fact, I got my period Monday evening. Thank you MOONY BLOODY EARTHY GODDESS for waiting until after the trip. I neglected to blog this fascinating gynecological development, but I think it might help explain why the whining got worse and will now (soon, we hope) get better.

For now, I've spent the first day in well over two years wondering if I need anxiety medication.

For now, the answer is probably no. I've done so well without, and I'm definitely not someone who needs medication to function. Ummm, anymore. So, I'll look for herbs that are nursey safe and possible try actual purposeful meditation? Seems there's some obvious cure for stress I'm overlooking... something totally natural and healthy... Oh Yes! Exercise. Would have to sedate myself to be less active, so yeah.

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