Thursday, May 24, 2007

cake, cloth & moons

The cake is going to be one of those photo cakes from a bakery. I'm all about it- I get to design something- squee! (I'll still bake the carrot cake for mass consumption by diabetics, babies, and mommies who are suddenly motivated to be less chunkalunk.) Here is the design for the full on sugary yum cake:
In other baby related news, we got a bag full of diaper covers and a couple of pre-folds from a co-worker for Operation Green Soft MollyButt. The plan is to try this out overnights and weekends. I need to grab some fleece to cut up for the overnights. Supposedly this should wick away alot of the moisture so she won't wake up wet & screaming. Of course, it's an experiment that may fail. She's never had cloth on her silky little bum and that makes me feel sad somehow. It has to be more comfy.

I'll know myself in a couple of days because I'm also going to try a cloth menstrual pad experiment. It's this hip new technology I read about in the Menstrual Hut community: wash cloth folded up in well fitted panties. Hallelujah. The simplicity baffles. I'd never thought of it. I was longingly looking at this and this and bemoaning my po' ass's inability to buy nice cloth pads. The fabulous chica who made my sling makes them too, so when finances allow such frivolties I'll commission some cushy new comfies that hopefully will ease the LIVING HELL that is my monthly.

I've been falling so hard for all those OMGZ!!!!! You don't HAVE PMS you have PMDD it's a DISEASE!!! BUY OUR DRUGGGGZ commercials but I'm too poor (recurring theme here) to get on fancy pills anyway, plus there's the fact that my todddlerette nurses like a newbie still. I really think alot of my hormonal anxiety hell (as well as the good ol' regular anxiety) will clear up when I make time to work out. When? When? When? Surely not in my precious interweb time;)

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