Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Remember this?

Just thought I'd revisit the cuteness when the Crazy Hip Ones posted a call for unusual sleep photos. Appropo for today, sorta... absorbed in design, no time for Molly. Gack: I'm feeling a particular hatred today of being a WAHM on the weekends when I'm a work-away mama all goddamn week. Molly's at the grandies right now. I slacked and took a loooong nap with her early afternoon in preparation for more babyless hours. I plopped her on my chest/belly for a while, and held her and sniffled about her growing up. Ten days until her first birthday. I may cry all day on the 29th. No. It will be awesome. I will suck it up.

I think I'm going to make a healthy carrot cake recipe and everybody can bite me. I love it, and she doesn't need any more crappy sugar food. When I left her with Mamaw she reached for some cheddar potato chips. She was eating them yesterday when I picked her up, all covered in salty fakey orange chip dust. I try to jokingly razz them about giving her shit food, but they don't want to listen. I'm going to have to get Bu to talk to them I guess. I'm sick of being the baby nazi because I want her to form good habits. These people need a nutrition class or something. Mamaw asked my why on earth I wanted milk without hormones and antibiotics in it.

So the Boue's drinking cow's milk now. She's finishing her breastmilk first, and drinking this as an extra. This is probably wonderful because she's so thin. I'm jealous or something, though...? Second guessing my decision alot. I wonder what our nurse practitioner will say. I think I'm going to lie to the grandies and tell them she was horrified that Molly eats little bites of junk food. Explain about empty calories and whatnot. Actually, rather than lie, I think I'll ask the nurse's advice on how to forbid them to give her badness. There: a plan.

And so you have a new artsy thing to see, here's the Birdie's Bday invitation:

(Well, there's somthing seriously wrong with that yellow in that font now that I've uploaded it. Strange. But you get the gist: Birdies are cute.)

And now back to the boring data entry part of my catalog design. Bleh.
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