Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the end of the world as we know it

Oh fuck. She can climb. Suddenly and without warning she mastered climbing into a chair, and then onto the arms of the chair where she is perilously high. Fabulous. Now our baby proof zone is a base jumping park for extreme baby sports.

I hope the monkey girl has worn herself out. We have not had the good sleep for two nights (teething is the devil) and I've become a bitchy snarkmonster. Finished a couple of design projects, though, which is wonderful. And lost 5 pounds. I have a weirdly painful sore throat that is calling me to eat some ice cream but I am holding out. Please 'verse no illness plz/thx? Bad timing.

I'm reading Nickel and Dimed and finding it collossaly depressing, reading it with my college degree which she seems to think should make me immune to a low paying job. Riiiiight.

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