Tuesday, May 22, 2007

good news! relief for the boobs

A new study has found that kids who are stressed in childhood are more likely to embrace liberal politics. Happier childhood, conservative grow-up.

So I have decided to wean Molly immediately and let her cry it out in a crib. Maybe also I will let Mamaw throw her off counters at will. Because I can't raise a Republican; it's grounds for sucide. Marrying one, well that's a done deal. (I know, srsly? wtf, Bu?) But I can't raise my child that way! So I'll save myself from the occasional endless torment of a biting nurser and the unending insomnia of cosleeping so that my little one will grow up Green, vegan, and possibly join the Peace Corps.

Actually, the same article does admit there was a perfectly contradictory study last year. *Whew* 'Cause the biting's occasional, the sleep's fine, and we're selling the crib.

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