Friday, May 18, 2007

heidi, this is the mothership. we want you to come home

Morning in the life of us:

6:45 a.m. Bu wakes me up. "We have to leave in 30 minutes." Molly stirs, grabs for boob, latches on & falls back asleep immediately, latches off. I fall asleep too.
7:00 Realize I have 15 minutes to get dressed and get the Boue awake enough to be changed without screaming. Dress, play with baby, change her while she screams, as I have failed to play with her long enough.
7:23 Drop Bu off with the pro photographer he's assisting today. Pro as in makes much money, not pro as in Bu's somehow a lesser pro.
8:00 Come back home, GoMart coffee (i.e. sludge) in hand, make breakfasts for Molly & me. Eat while baby plays with her food. She's learning to feed herself with a spoon. If the oatmeal/potatoes/whatever are thick enough, she can actually do this clumsily and it's precious.
8:30 Peel off oatmeal encrusted baby and mommy clothing and plop us in tub.
9:00 Baby is dressed, freshly diapered, breastfed and asleep.
10:00 Have made self presentable, finished checking email & finding directions to LLL meeting.
10:10 Get baby dressed. Hope no one notices her hoodie says "princess" because I am awesome partly crunchy feminist mama heading to hoipefully meet with others of my ilk.
10:30 Walk into a delightful chaos.

The meeting's in a nursery at a Lutheran church. There are 15 or so mamas, two newborns, a handful of toddlers, another handful of younger infants and big kids. Several babyslings. Several pairs of awesome sandals. Everyone's already started sharing names & funny stories about their moms. I relate my mom's tale of E sticking eggs in the heat vents and her friend had to come get him so he would not be killed. Molly is i n s a n e with sleepy whininess and overwhelmed with the plethora of toys and so many other kids.

I may win an award for most boob display without baby ever actually nursing. This baby will not nurse unless she is in our bed. Maybe at Papaw's or in our living room, but only if she's already half asleep. We talk about toddler nursing, which I brought up because I don't know many moms who nursed beyond a year.

We discuss what you wish you'd done in the weeks after birth for the benefit of the expectant mamas- there were three. I get a vague twinge of melancholy that I won't get to do things differently with experience under my belt with another Boo.

We talk about meeting up at V's tonight for cloth diaper demo/mama's night out. (We're going. I'm daydreaming about doing cloth Fri-Sun when I'm here mostly alone. Bu will probably be resistant. I dunno what I'll do, and it'll be very dependant on a coworker gifting me with old diapers because I cannot afford to invest even though I know how much we could save if I did.)

12:05 p.m. Call Papaw to see if he's up. Take the Birdie to Papaw's try to nurse, not having it, and now I am here. Off to make a cheeseball for tonight and try to get a huge amount of work done in a small amount of time.

Blog note: I'm thinking I'm going to stick with good ole Blogger since I hear you can't tweak the css in WordPress. Sorry, peeps, you'll just have to love (the new) me anyway.

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