Friday, May 11, 2007


Molly, We need to talk about your drinking.

Yes, it's OK in moderation- in fact, I encourage that. But it's becoming a habit. It's keeping you from trying new things- like plums and applesauce. Your all night binges are not only affecting you, but your family, too. We are losing sleep, kid. So it's time to cut back, girl. Time to [put away the beer bong] give the nips a break and try new activities, like eating meals.

So this is why I'm sending you to N.A. I hope Nummins Anonymous will help you realize that moderation is the key to sane nursing:)

Love, Mama


OK: Baby sign language is the coolest fucking thing EVER. I'm having freaking conversations with my 11 1/2 month old! Look:

Heidi: *spoons spinach in*
Molly: *spits the spinach out*
Heidi: "Molly. What are you going to eat today?! Anything?"
Molly: *universal gesture with hands up* 'I don't know.' *signs* 'Milk?'

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