Sunday, May 20, 2007

meme medicine

I was reading this post at Spin Me I Pulsate and thought, Gods I need to do that. I've been in such a funkadelic poo world lately. I read on to see that Thordora &/or the Verse working through Thor agreed because she tagged me. So, here:

Seven Things I Love about Me *green for a heart chakra boost*

1. I have cool eyes that people say are blue but really they are grey/green with a blue ring outide. (1b. I think Molly's are going to be exactly the same. They're the color - bluer but green in photos- that mine were as a baby. Woot!)

2. By choice, I am a Mutant Freak Goddess of Awesome Witchy Weirdness, not a strange introverted shy girl with a birth defect. Birth defect itself was Goddess's choice so I won't take credit for that.

3. I am a warrior womyn of unstoppable power with a higher pain tolerance than the most piercedtattooedscarified body mod fetishist. See birth story for details.

4. I have a better-than-decent pronounciation of the French language, and a nearly passable memory of the vocabulary and grammer. Plan on learning/teaching with [the birdie.] L'ouiselet.

5. I have finally embraced my contradictory tendency to be both perky & twisted, dark & bouncy, introverted & extroverted, maiden & mothery, morose & goofy, smart & flakey.

6. I have a good brain for art criticism and an intuitive grasp for "reading" visual art. I also am able to exlpain these concepts fairly eloquently; hence the art history professor dream.

7. I have frequent lucid dreams, dreams within dreams, and nearly every morning have vivid memories of several dreams.

I tag thee, bloggers and favorite mamas who write well and should start a blog. You know who you are:

Lexi of This Wabi Sabi Life
Heidi of Raining, Not Snowing
Frankenbury in the Land of Small Mosquitos
Gwen of Left Coast Mama
Brooke of Urban Earth Mama
Marianne of Busha Full of Grace
Jase of A Few Good Memes
'Veeta- email me or leave me a comment.
[Bine of Sleepless in Cologne] Oops you already got tagged. I'm finally remembering to blogroll you- been meaning to for ages now. SORRY:)

Take it or leave it, but it was a fun boost.
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