Monday, May 21, 2007

the pendulum

Right. So, today I think I don't want to change blogs or use a pseudonym.
Reasons include, but are not limited to:

1. What are the chances that some pedophile is stalking the baby through my blog and he is going to somehow find her? This is my insane sex offender paranioa which is very understandable considering the existence in my extended family of a child rapist. (Oh, how badly I'd love to publish his name, address, and a map to his house right here right now. He's there, all smug and unprosecuted and ancient. He's never doing to die. He's so goddamn old, but he Just. Won't. Fucking. Die. Debate my karma if you want, but there is rage and hatred and I will personally throw a party when this evil person stops sharing my planet's oxygen. I won't attend funeral for fear of actually spitting on his corpse or laughing or something. Seriously. Because his wife, while guilty of believing her pedophile husband rather than her young innocent relative, doesn't deserve my rage. Or she does, I don't know... some days I find her as guilty as he is... but I'm hanging onto a shred of decency. OK. Did not expect this post to end up there.)

2. You can only link my real name to this blog through a relatively obscure link.

3. I don't think I've ever posted anything terribly offensive. The worst case scenario I can think of is the grandies finding the blog and being pissed that I whine about them sometimes or being horrified about my actually practicing Wicca (however rarely) instead of just copping to being interested in it. (They know this already, I think.) I don't think I say anything here that I'm not comfortable owning up to.

4. I have an "out" plan already for when Molly's bigger and it becomes a little pathetic to have a blog named after her. That's why it's I'm limited to lunar themed titles but that's OK given my religion/aesthetic/personality.

5. How incognito can I be if I want to still blog about my very rare birth defect and post photos of me & the Birdie?

Of course, I may swing the other way. I do love the title in my head (and registered just in case) for the new blog.

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