Sunday, May 13, 2007

shiny happy mommies

I'm giddy. My first Mother's Day. It rocks. The Bu made me breakfast, gave me cards from him & the Boue, and an iTunes gift card. Sweet. I am very, very happy with the Mama's Day card I made for Mamaw, my Grandma, and my aunt. And, of course, for y'all, too.

You are all (you, too, Jase- You have the bitter honor of being both parents and the fabulous honor of being one of the few men on my blogroll) so dear to me as I navigate this strange new world. Reading the straight up no makeup no niceties no editor no holds barred stories from such lovely and strong moms is such an inspiration. iGush. Have a lovely day.

... And I miss my mom. Here's cute mom trivia: She was a WebTV addict. Her handle was Imatallgal. She was 5'11 3/4" tall, according to her. According to actual physics and the pesky real world, she was 6'. I think that's the most adorable nickname ever. Her e-friends shortened it to Ima. She was crazy into the chat clique. We had to get another phone line. We were in dial-up hell, of course, but this was in the dark ages of 1999 and 2000.

There was this guy in our hometown who was a few geese shy of a gaggle who drank at her favorite bar, and he called her "The Long Tall Lady of the Eastern World." How groovy is that?

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