Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I'm getting my comments chopped off. I'm thinking of uninstalling Haloscan ASAP and reverting to blogger comments. This means I'd lose all your thoughtful words, and makes me sad. I may not bother, because I'm working on making an actual decision about moving to an anonymous blog. That may mean leaving this as a "one year in the life" deal, or keeping it just for Molly milestones or I don't know what.

Given this indecisiveness and my comment problems, there may be further fubar issues, and any other fun acronym slang I can come up with. I'll certainly have a temporary link to any new blog I start up. I don't want to shake you guys off at all; just want to feel freer to express and less paranoid about Molly.

BTW, her Birdiness is having a super extreme adorableness day. She is squealy and delighted about everything and is giving loose, hair entwining hugs, and as a bonus I got an accidental french kiss.

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