Wednesday, May 23, 2007

story of bu. and me. and our hair... part one.

I half expected a handful of comments like "Bu's a what?!" or "How/why did you marry a Republican?" But, no. However, the reference to our oppositional political views spurred some thought that maybe I'd do a Bu post. Then the CrazyHip Blog Mamas posted a carnival topic about how we met our partners, so the time seems ripe for a timeline of the union of Bu & Bew.

Fall 1994 I start college at State College. Declare English major over Art after literally flipping a coin because the financial aid office demanded a major.

Spring 1995 I take Art 101 from Molly, a sweet dear hippyishchick who teaches Ceramics and Photography. After recieving a kick ass sketchbook assignment, Molly insists I change my major to art. I agree.

Fall 1995 I have made awesome new artsy friends, including the Souster, a hot redhead with whom there is much flirting and experimentation, and an insane dude we called Scareville. One afternoon, I'm at the senior exhibit of Scareville's roommate. Cool landscape photography, but I am totally blase about representational art so it doesn't make a huge impression. There's an alarm from the chemical plant next door to school. We are supposed to "shelter in place" but that's a stupid plan, so Scareville's roommate drives me & SV home in his little red Fiesta.

My reaction to this guy is "Ew. Weird hair." It's growing out awkwardly into golden hippy splendor but is so not there yet. Shaggy, awful. He has love beads and paint all over his clothes from art finals. Old Birks.

This guy's reaction to me is "Ew. Freak. Weird hair." It's a choppy on purpose mess of black. I'm wearing all black and a dog collar choker and combat boots. Belly ring. About 1,000 silver hoop earrings. I am too cool for school.

1999 I've been through a year of school in Pittsburgh, a serious shacking up relationship, quitting school and a break-up. My hair is long and henna'd and pretty and I'm feeling hippyish again after the punk phase. I work at a women's clinic where I reconnected with a high school friend we call Kitty. Kitty has a mini breakdown one weekend and leaves town to go stay with her friend, a raft guide in Oak Hill. She stays holed up there for several days being psychically nursed back to health by the raft guide-Scareville's old roomie. He sounds so sweet, this guy. I tell her I wish I had a guy friend like that.

Spring 2001 Me & Kitty are now inseparable party friends. One day we decide to hang out with a few people at her place. Scareville's old roommate is coming-he's moved back into town. I am feeling extra cute that day. Thinnish for me, with long and wavy hair. I put little princess braids in and I have my favorite of mom's skirts on. I think she might get annoyed when I tell her I wore it but she's in the hospital and I need to be wrapped up in her stuff. I have been told to go out and relax.

I "meet" Bu again, officially. He has a neat short hair cut and nice glasses and still wears a beaded necklace and wow he is really, really cute. Tallish, great broad shoulders. Pretty yummy actually. Oh, are we playing footsie? How sweet is that! He tells me he likes my toering. Kitty & Souster tease me all evening and want to play cupid. I refuse. We'll do this ourselves.

[End Part One, for I am sleepy.] Part Two here.

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