Monday, May 7, 2007

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Aawww! Look at Baby Ramona Gyllenhaal Sarsgaard:) Someone posted this on the breastfeeding LiveJournal group. You know I had to repost it;) If my boobs were that perky I'd burn all my bras and run around with only lovebeads and a skirt on all the time.

Sigh. In a moment of being an annoying crunchy mom, I got annoyed seeing her with the stroller and wished she had a groovy baby sling. Then I got annoyed with myself for being that mom. It's hard not to absorb a little judgemental crunchiness when one reads as many crunchy mama blogs as I do. But, snark not lest ye be snarked upon: For I used a pacifier last night, and thank you plastics industry, because now I still have my nipples intact, and Molly fell alseep quickly and deeply. (I'm floored that she took it. We haven't used once since she was under a week old, and even then she spat it out and looked at me like I was insane. I was uber sneaky. I squirted milk on it and switcherooed.)

Did I remember to take a break from the recent intensity and say how faboo it was to see my favorite cousin & her beautiful baby yesterday at a family gathering? Because it was great. Baby MerryEllo* has blonder-than-Molly fuzz hair that goes straight up. She's adorable. She was so the alpha female;) Molly was all "I can walk!" and MerryEllo goes "So what? I can tackle you!" It was so cool. This is the first time they were old enough to take an interest in each other. The last time they were together they were sleepy 6-month-olds and they had a nummins slumber party while my cousin & I sat on a futon in a mountain of pillows:) There's photo evidence of the nurseyfest but I'll be respectful & not post it. Hi, 'Veeta* if you still read:)

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*That's not her name. It's the imaginary nickname I just gave her to protect her anonymity. Because I'm still having the wiggins about using real names so much.

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