Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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I have a slight case of rumbly belly from excitement and nervous energy. It doesn't take much at all to give me butterflies. Nothing huge is going on, but we have a lot planned and it's making me vaguely happy/edgy.

There's a bunch to do this week and weekend. Tomorrow I'm spending the day with my supervisor at a fundraiser, then going to a Solstice Fair (squee!) at church. I'm excited about Solstice, as always. It's my favorite holiday except for Halloween/Samhain. I'm a sun junkie. I want to do a tiny little blessing ritual for Ems because she's old enough to have honey! & I want her first taste of the yummy sacred fluid to be in a magickal context. I don't know what we'll do, but something maybe... Honey's such a big deal to me. I love Starhawk and her book, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and the melissae play a huge role in it. (By the way, this is my current favorite Melissa, who posted recently about how awesome her name is. My former favorie Melissa was a delicious crush from Pittsburgh.) Also, Emsy's hair is exactly the color of honey. So pretty, my honeybear.

Thursday the art festival in our lovely l'il town kicks off with an Art Walk gallery open house downtown. Some friends of mine also have a house on the East End that's empty where they'll be showcasing their beautiful work too. We have a meeting with a client at 5, but she's an artist & friend & I'm hoping we can all hang out after we show her the delicious designs I have for her website.

Saturday we have been hired/invited to photograph/attend a first birthday party at a pool club. That evening I have a bridal shower for a cousin. Saturday and Sunday there'll be arts & crafts downtown that I really want to see, including this dude's chalk art, which you may have seen in the gazillion mass emails that have circulated with his work.

In between all this fuss I have that pesky catalog project to finish. It's just corrections, so I think it can be done. Fun fun fun.

Edit: the whole reason I started yammering about honeybees in the first place was to link you here, and I completely forgot. Apparently feral bees and those on organic farms aren't inexplicably dying by the thousands. Hmm. Could pesticides possibly be harming insects? Do ya think?

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