Tuesday, June 19, 2007

circumcision article

I was thrilled to see this article up at CNN.com. I've seen statistics on circumcision and natural birth and breastfeeding lately, but I've never, in mainstream press, seen any reference to this being a trend toward people taking back control of and celebrating the natural human body:

"The trend has also accompanied a change in Americans' attitudes toward medicine and their bodies...the rates of drug-free labor and breast-feeding all rose during the 1980s, while the initial declines in male circumcision rates began during the 1980s as well," said Katharine Barrett, an anthropology lecturer at Stanford University. "It may have been part and parcel of the wider effort to reclaim bodies -- adult female and infant male -- from unnecessary and potentially harmful medical interventions."

Veeta (my darling cousin) can testify that I lost more sleep about the endless debate about a hypothetical foreskin than anything else when I was pregnant. Bu was pretty adamantly for it (fore it, haha) and I was arguing against it, tearfully. In the very end, when we were as sure as you can be that we were having a girl, he came around, I think.

Speaking of Veeta and natural bodies & such, here's a nursing photo from this past Christmas. Emsy & M'Ello snuggled up with their mamas. (You can also see the funky arm really well if you're a curious new reader.) It's a low rez cell phone image, so I threw some [mystical misty mojo] blur filters over it. It was so cute. We had a couple of male cousins hanging out with us and being all non-freaked out- unlike my stepbrother on Christmas. (That was hilarious, by the way. He stopped mid-sentence and gaped when I whipped out the nips...lol.)

Thanks all over again, Veeta for being such a wonderful support:) I'm hereby reinstating Friday check in. Coming soon: M'Ello Bday cake cuteness!

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