Sunday, June 24, 2007


Let him know that biting hurts. Pre-verbal toddlers are used to doing so much with their mouths that they don't realize that those sharp, little teeth hurt. If you've tried all the above tricks to stop the biting, yet it is still occurring, gently and not in any anger place his forearm against his upper teeth, not enough to hurt but enough to show the teeth marks. Say, "See, biting hurts." By at least eighteen months your toddler should be able to make this connection and learn from this lesson. Above all — contrary to some advice — don't bite or hit back. This will simply reinforce aggressive behavior, since the child concludes, "If adults do it, it must be okay."

I never thought of that. I think it makes the connection without the cruelty of biting her back. Good plan.

OK Papaw, I have to kick your ass now. You say you didn't know whether we wanted the baby back right after you took her to church (Riiight. Have ya met me?) so you went on home and put her down for a nap with you. Fabulous. Except that was my nap with Emsy and now I have to wait Goddess knows how long to see my baby!

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