Thursday, June 7, 2007

quickie post on anthropology

{Oh Gods I am a doof. Just mistyped "daisyboners" in my username field and had to snortle. I am a 12 year old boy sometimes.}

Jase just replied to my about post and stirred my brain up a little. He said how he and Anna were from different tribes too, like me & His Buddhaness*. I love this wording. It made me feel over analytical labeling myself hippygoth (or gothippy! I think I'll coin the term 'thippy:) in my little taglines, because it seemed a little dorky & high schoolish. However, I'm now thinking I was just compelled to announce my tribal membership, which is a primal human impulse.

I was driving home the other day (through the run down part of town leading to the hollow where we live that makes me want to join the Main Street organization to help fix it up only the preacher who spearheaded the project got shot so I'm scared plus where the hell am I going to find time?) and I was daydreaming about an anthropology degree. Just a passing fancy, but I ponder the human state a lot. We seem to be quite removed from the essence of human nature as we evolve and this troubles me. For instance, we forget that we are mammals. Only 25% of American moms nurse their kids 1/4 as long as the WHO recommends. (Two years and beyond.) And there's my continual insistence that body hair is a good, soft, natural thing. Then there's the whole Nature Defecit Disorder thing. I am doubly annoyed by the fact that 1) we make up a new disorder or disease to explain something non medical every 3 seconds, and 2) it's very valid that we are suffering collectively from NDD.

*Bu's nickname is Ironic to a degree that it requires capitalization. He's the least Zen human being I have ever met, and yes I know but yeh, he's a spaz too. Still, he has an affinity for Buddha icons and the start of a belly (don't tell him I blogged his belly) and all beloved things are Boo or similar, so yeh. Bu.

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