Thursday, June 14, 2007


Oh. My. Goddess.

I'm pee-my-pants excited about the movie adaptation of Stardust. I've read it 1,000 times, and Emsy heard it in the womb and as a newborn, back when she was still enough to sit for a story. It's my favorite fairy tale, and my favorite Neil Gaiman work, depending on where I fall on the HIPPY FAIRY SHINY PERSON DARKISH BROODY POET scale during that particular reading.

The cast is fantastic. Claire Danes is my pre-Maggie actress crush and is so darling. (Did you see Shopgirl?)

Also, I got to have a little Gaiman fangirl clique righteousness when I read the first words of's review: "You may not have heard of Neil Gaiman before..."

I've drooled a Stardusty puddle at my desk with weblust. This site's so pretty. There are like three sites in one based on the village, the starry sky (under construction), and the fairy kingdom. I want to learn Flash, only I want to learn it "Neo 'I know kung-fu'" style, not toiling over new software style. Such is life.

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