Saturday, June 30, 2007

sweet goddess, i'm audre lorde!

Which Western feminist icon are you?

You are Audre Lorde! You were one of the first wymyn to write love poems to other wymyn, long before it was safe OR cool. You put the "rad" in radical feminism, but somehow still managed to create a cult following in people who would never identify as radical themselves.
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I read a little bit of her work in my [Women's] Wymyn's Studies classes- she kicks so much ass:

I did not fall from the sky
nor descend like a plague of locusts
to drink color and strength from the earth
and I do not come like rain
as a tribute or symbol for earth's becoming
dark and open
some times I fall like night
and terrible
only when I must die
in order to rise again.

Thanks, Eden, for the quiz linkie. If only I had the hair...

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