Monday, June 11, 2007

a weekend

I've had a head-spinningly busy weekend. The rundown:


-Work in a.m. on huge mailing for the clinic.
-Get yard sale stuff ready, keep pulling out stuff that makes me teary: a newborn onesie I remember Emsy wearing the first time she and I napped in our bed.
-Call to check on Emsy and Bren the nephew says Papaw's asleep, Bren is in charge of Emsy. I freak out; Bren is 10. Go to retrieve baby from clutches of overactive inattentive underage child. Find that Bren is a big fat liar, the Boue's napping with Papaw. Exhale. Finish yard sale pricing. Pick up la bebe. Deliver junk to friend's house.
-Nurse the [razor toothed nipple shredding demon] darling girlchild, get ready for moms' night out party. Deliver [demon] baby to grandies.
-Have great time at friend's place. Meet very cool chick with bindi.
-Come home to no baby, feel insanely anxious for leaving her all night until next afternoon after seeing her for 2 hours all day. Wake up the grandies with tearful phone call at 12:45 a.m. and take back the Boue. Feel like idiot and psycho, but sleep well.

-Make only $26 bucks at yard sale. Have VERY fussy baby who should have been left with the grandies'.
-Attend fun party for Bu's cousin M who's finished her residency and is now Dr. M officially. I taste the best sangria in the 'Verse, and talk to a mom my mom's age who nursed her babies until 2 or 3 years. Also talk to M's mom who used to be a lactation consultant about how to cut back on nursing gradually, assuming Ems continues to eat a little more food. We deliver their bound wedding album, our first one, which is gorgeous. See? This is my favorite single page:


-Give baby to grandies again for church time so we can [be awesomely productive and get mad work done on web design projects] sleep until noon.
-Work on projects whilst baby wrangling, have bite free nummins (halle-fucking-lujah!) and then finally get around to this:

I love these invitations. I have got to gussy up our website. We don't even have a current portfolio. I suck. Have to trim these invites & crash. Have no idea what I've missed in the sphere o' blog. Will catch up later.
Peace, Roxy

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