Wednesday, July 11, 2007

aw, come on people

Now it's no fun to write hybrid silly words like ginormous. Apparently it's in the dictionary, so it's not cool anymore. I drive Bu insane with my penchant for inventing goofy words or using the Buffy slanguage trick of verbifying nouns, but I stand by the design principle I learned in college: If you know the rules and then you can break them. I'm grammar savvy enough. Hell, I'm a language arts genius by local standards, at least in my little [holler] valley. So I'll continue to invent and/or chop up words as I see fit. I'll also persist in my girl-who-hyphenates-fucking-every-damn-thing that she doesn't strikeout splendor. In case you were worried.

And let this also serve as a preview of coming attractions as I've addressed the whole taking-huge-liberties-with-language thing in my [Highly Anticipated Forthcoming Scholarly Work] vaguely off topic copywriting post. Unless I decide to post it at the new blog, where it may fit better. I dunno.

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