Thursday, July 26, 2007

bloggy musings

Since at least the effin' backend at Blogger's working, I'll go ahead & wax blogcentric:

I have severe Blogathon and BlogHer jealousy. I think BlogHer would be so cool to experience, and I'd love to go one year... it's just a silly daydream right now, though. The Blogathon would be so very do-able with the exception of the little detail that I'm a mommy to a toddler who:

1) Doesn't sleep through the night and doesn't sleep at all without mama snugglies.
2) Still nurses lots, thus deterring me from the massive dose of caffeine it would take to fuel my being awake for 24 hours.
3) Would obviously not allow me to crash hard to recoup following said 24 hours.

Of course, I could ship her to the grandies for 36 hours or so, and she'd be peachy. Totally, annoyingly peachy. She loves them, and it's an amzing blessing, but I get so jealous I can't stand it. I have actually wondered if I left here there and never came back if she'd care. She doesn't even miss nursing until I show up. (Are all working mamas this crazed with jealousy?) We all know, though, that if I left her there I'd just blog a bunch of entries about how psycho I was feeling missing her and then I'd break down and go get her.

So no marathon burst of blogging creativity for me. Next year we'll see.


I'm pondering & pondering the blog identity issue again. This last topic at BlogRhet has had my cogs grinding, and then when I participated in a conference call with Wendy at eMomsAtHome (about a possible blogging spot over there) she mentioned that using one's real name is preferable to her because readers connect better. Made sense, and made me start second guessing all over again the pseudonym issue.

On one hand, this is a personal blog, and I do tend to go on about really personal shit- to a degree that it unsettles Bu sometimes. The alias helps me feel OK about trashing my family online, but is that something I should be OK with? I try to be fair when I'm venting but am I stepping beyond that? I also feel like my fakey identity has actually helped me to use a truer-to-me voice.

On the other hand, I feel less authentic too. I miss using the baby's beautiful, adorable real name. I miss using my beautiful adorable real name. I also think I could be missing some marketing for our business by not linking to our website. I'm thinking the women of the blogosphere could use my artsiness. Whatever I decide with regards to names and dirty laundry,


my happy ass is moving away from Blogger so fast Google's metaphorical head will spin. I can't afford a domain now, but soon I should be able to spring for that little luxury and I'll be scootching over to to explore a new and better blogworld:) I can keep my archives and I'll definitely hold on to the DaisyBones title, because it Rox. (Even if sometime I'm not Roxy.)


And I sooooo give up on watchdaisygrow. Too much to take on right now. The good part is I'm spending some of the time I would be blogging about self-improvement actually working on the house:) So I'll blog here about that stuff a little.

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