Wednesday, July 4, 2007


A sample of what I daydream about while nursing the baby 1,234,798 times a day:

Maybe I should take a nap... no, I'm not that sleepy. Naps... Leo da Vinci did little power naps all day and night instead of a long sleep. Da Vinci lived in a non 9-5 world. Artists should. I should. What was work life like in Renaissance? What time were shops open? What kind of shops were there? Where did Da Vinci buy his tools? Image of sculpting tools. Where did Michelangelo? Will I ever find that awesome hollowing/scraping tool I borrowed once from Joe? Did they make their own tools? Image of women in peasant clothes hunched over paint brushes with animal hair bristles. Image of Mona Lisa. Smell of oils & turpentine. I should start blogging my daydreams. It's like a part time job, my daydreaming. How many hours a day do I spend nursing the baby? She nursed less last night. Thank the Gods. I want nursing photos, look how cute she is playing with my necklace. We'll have to do that soon, while she's small and cuddly. We could set up in our bedroom and do topless with beads for her to play with. Black and white. She's so pretty... looks like a little girl today in her matchy outfit. When she was an infant I though her fancy clothes were sort of ridicuilous. It was like baby in drag. Tiny babies aren't gendered... now it's so cute though.

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