Tuesday, July 24, 2007

five finger discount*

I have to share my take on this. Busha wrote today (so prettily I'm freaking dying for a pedicure now) about a lovely young woman who was having a mani pedi and who has both an arm and leg amputation from an accident. Busha confessed she was curious whether or not the woman was charged full price.

So a few years ago, like six, was my first and only manicure and pedicure. The now famous Souster was getting married and I had to be lurvely as her maid of honor. I had a very natural looking French mani and then very crass-like threw my legs up over the manicurist's table to have him do his first French pedi on me (we are slow to catch on here in the hills. And we do shit like hiking our crusty tootsies up on to a table to make some dude paint our toenails.)

So the whole time I'm getting the toes & fingers made all shiny, I'm thinking... "Do I dare ask for half price for the manicure?" I was 99% sure if I had the cajones-what's Spanish for ovaries?- to ask for it they'd be too embarrassed to say no. I didn't want to be cheap or all in-your-face about the freakydeak, but that's expensive pampering for a lowly art student barrista. So I sucked it up and asked. The chick who ran the register was very smooth and happy to oblige. She was also still laughing at my French toes.

* Sorry, couldn't help it. Cracking up at myself. So the moral of the story is if you have the ovarios** to ask for a very practical discount on your manicure by reason of having less than ten nails, you'll get it.

** Yep! Looked it up.

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