Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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(Feeling somewhat less wiggy today, thanks:)

I finally heard from Crazy Hip Blog Mamas- I'm back in! I'd asked for the baby blog to be removed and DaisyBones to be added, and didn't hear for a little while. I started to get a little bit scared that I was being too ranty and potty-mouthed, but I was pretty sure I was within their guidelines so I relaxed. Now, I finally have an email confirming my OKness, so squee!

Alexis is a "precious angel from heaven", as Mamaw would say. I think I'll call her the Self-Love & Acceptance Reminder Fairy of Dread-y Hotness. She gave my angst the gentlest & most loving smackdown yesterday. Her advice was such that my immediate reaction was to say "You're so sweet and you mean well but how can I change if I don't admit and then attack my suckiness?" I thought for a moment, though, and realized that her approach is worlds more positive. The key to all of it is the baby step. Trying to dive into to finance, household, business, art, health all at once is just begging for failure.

So I'm continuing to troll Zen Habits and his myriad wonderful links for ideas. My plan of the first change is sleep (earlier to bed/earlier to rise) but after last night I can't think about sleep without starting to pull out my hair. That's another post, though.

I'm constantly trying to think of ways to get my ass home full time. There are little webbie ideas floating around, but I've got to make some progress. There is potential here, I think... not necessarily here here at DaisyBones (although you can click my AdSense any time *g* and I'd love some direct image ads soon) but here in this addled creative brain there have to be marketable plans somewhere. If any readers have businesses to promote, I'm happy to sell ad space cheaply:) Might even design 'em for ya if ya [ask nicely] show me the money...lol. I have this vision that I could promote other WAHMs and vice versa, maybe start an ad exchange. I feel kinda noobish & lost with this stuff, though. Eh, whatever. Research calls.... right after laundry, design changes to BLOODY INFERNAL catalog, dinner, remembering to breathe, nummins marathons, etc.

p.s. i heart thordora. please feel better. you're on my mind & heart today, all day.

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