Thursday, July 12, 2007

the new project

I remember launching this blog and having stomach butterflies because although I'd thought and thought about it and thought about it some more, I still had really mixed feelings about starting over just when I'd gotten started, and about using a fake name, and whether the title DaisyBones was cool enough, and whether I'd continue to write demonically long run-on sentences, and other concerns ad infinitum.

I did launch, and I'm feeling happily at home here now.

The set up here is to remind you how neurotic I am about planning & worrying to the point of not being able to act, so you'll be really impressed when you go to the new blog-in-progress. The whole point of launching now is that it isn't ready. It's a Thing:

An R-rated, snarky, f-bomb inclusive self-improvement blog aimed at documenting a process of "fixing" my chaotic mess of daily life while I share what I learn along the way- all (please gods) whilst raking in a little ad revenue. How I'll generate the traffic to support a monetized blog is totally beyond me- but I'll learn as I go and blog that too, incorporating how-tos and suchlike.

Now I'm wanting to put it off, design a pretty catchy banner ad and unveil it here, but nope: gonna link you now, with good ol' text. Go see

*watch daisy grow*
building a blog, and a life, from the ground up

I'm having fun already. I'm finding a new, even freer and more me attitude there already. The slight self-deprecation and insane over-wordiness is closer to the voice I find myself using in my personal journal.

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