Tuesday, July 24, 2007

parentdish has best day ever

I'm a ParentDish junkie, since waaaay back two years ago when it was called Blogging Baby and I was gestating one Emsybird. Usually it's like my granola bars... junk but arguably healthy helpful junk that I skim over and maybe mark an item or two for keepies. (I still have the post on that poor ecstasy-baby bookmarked from before it was outed as a fake. Which reminds me, I dreamt I was shroom tripping and wondering vaguely when it'd be safe to nurse the Boue. Old self clashes with new self in my subconscious?)

Anyway, I haven't checked in for a few days but when I did, I saw no less than three Very Helpful and/or Enlightening Posts @ ParentDish. My top three...

#3 Kids are at Risk for Identity Theft because the credit agencies aren't privy to the age of any holder of a social security number. The asshat who inspired the post stole from his own son.

#2 How to (Potentially) Save Electronic Devices after your demon spawn toddler poured apple juice on it, peed on it, dunked it in toilet, etc.

And the #1 Most Awesomest Post (Probably Ever, But at Least This Week) at ParentDish:

Single Mom Invents Self Pleasure Attachment for the Vacuum cleaner. Woot! You are my Heroine, Joanne Drysdale. I guess she doesn't have a detachable shower head, poor dear.

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