Friday, July 6, 2007

some awesome stuff, and an evil tooth

I have to find this t-shirt for Ems. And the accessories. *Sigh* I'm loving Feministing.

In other mommyblogger news: We have a molar. That's why I've been I N S A N E L Y deprived of precious Morpheus' blessings this week. I'm now stocked with fruit juice popsicles and will have Tylenol and Orajel at the bedside for the next waking.

So we skipped the forest, saw Transformers, and had kickass make up sex. This was a brilliant plan. I was instantly a kid, all agog at Big Awesome Shiny Optimus Prime in his CG gloriousity and surround soundiness on the big screen. Plus there were Cookie Dough Bites. (The sexy romp was OK too I guess. But DUDE! Optimus Prime!)

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