Monday, July 30, 2007

some very cool stuff happening...

Oh. My.Goddess.

 OK, so I got this job offer from a friend to babysit at her place for her boy, age 2, and another boy Molly's age and of course Molly would come with. She offered me more money than I now make at the clinic. (I have been alternately terrified and ecstatic about the thought of being in mommymode full time.) Well, being the conscientious and responsible woman that I holy shit did I just use those words to describe myself without a hint of sarcasm? am now, I told my supervisor of this development.

She asked if more money would make a difference. I told her it very well could. She said she'd run it by the board and she got some feedback from them. Unless her reading of their attitude is very, very wrong they're going to offer me $2.75 more on the hour! I can't do percentages but it's a chunkalunk of a raise. Definitely more than the munchkin watching gig. If I stay, it means Molly'll still spend 4 days a week in the land of peanut butter and potato chips and massive TV exposure*, but it also means we can start paying down some debt and work on the house some. I just can't turn that down. Bu also has a job interview tomorrow so help me work some positive mojo and you'll have a much less anxious cranky Daisy blog to read:)

*Which is also the land of Very Happy Molly who adores her Papaw & Mamaw & gets lots of attention and love.

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